Related SceneEdit

  • Cao Ren and his armies was out of the base, Zhou Yu enter the base that he sees empty but was trapped. There was a group of hidden archer aim above the Wu army. Suffered by the fire arrows, Zhou Yu hit by the flames of arrow, he command his forces to retreat. In the return of the battle, Zhou Yu was poisoned, Wu medical staff advised Zhou Yu not to be anger, but to be more rest.
  • In the next morning, Cao Ren and his forces awaits of Zhou Yu appears from the camp. Zhou Yu pretended to be death and he proof himself to Cao Ren. The Wei army take advantage to attack, but the battle was conclusion.
  • Meanwhile in Shu camp, Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei heard the death of Zhou Yu. Zhuge Liang seems to take action that they was warned by Zhou Yu to take over Cao Ren's main camp if Wu cannot succeed in the campaign. Zhuge Liang predicted that Cao Ren might launch the night attack, and so Zhuge Liang gave order to Zhao Yun to cease Cao Ren's stronghold in the night.
  • Since Cao Ren confirmed to launch the full frontal attack, Cao Ren command his whole army to rampage the Wu military camp. The Wei army was trapped in the Wu's camp, Zhou Yu merge in 500 army and move toward Cao Ren's stronghold. But Zhou Yu was too late, the saw Zhao Yun pawned the stronghold that was making Zhou Yu full of anger for all the effort he has done. Zhou Yu later return to his military camp to send his message to Sun Quan about his failure.
  • Since the stronghold is now under the shu's terrortory Liu Bei cannot even accept, and he feels guilty for what he has break the promise to Zhou Yu. Zhuge Liang inform Liu Bei not to worry, but Zhuge Liang will figured another way gave a great opportunity to Wu in the future.

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