Related SceneEdit

  • Guan Yu was plan to defeat Huang Zhong in two days without bloodshed. Since Han Xuan taken Huang Zhong from disobey the military rules, Wei Yan interupting Huang Zhong's executions and slain those people who obey Han Xuan's order. Wei Yan can't even patient with Han Xuan's act, and he was slain by Wei Yan and calling Liu Bei to incharge for bring peace and justice of the land and people.
  • Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei was summon Wei Yan in the lair. Zhuge Liang knows that Wei Yan's dangerous act was districted and recorded as the military blacklist. Zhuge Liang order an execution to Wei Yan but was halt in Liu Bei's order. Liu Bei advise Wei Yan to swore his alligiance and be faithful under Liu Bei command. Later, Zhuge Liang offer Wei Yan as the rank titled "The Kind General" with the lead of 1000 army. Wei Yan thankfully for the offer, in that way Wei Yan will not kept revenge.
  • The messengers arrived to report Liu Bei about the death of Liu Qi. Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang, with the form of 1000 Troops in their journey to Liu Qi's funeral.
  • Meanwhile in Wu, since Sun Quan heard the news about the death of Liu Qi, Sun Quan discuss Lu Su about the promise that was made to take over Liu Qi's stronghold after the funeral.

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