Related SceneEdit

  • In the morning, Lady Wu gave item to her daughter, the flute resembles from Sun Jian. Lady Wu tells Sun Shang Xiang if she agrees to take Liu Bei as her husband is to playing music the flute.
  • During the dinner inside the Temple of Wu, Liu Bei, Zhao Yun, Lady Wu, Sun Quan, Lu Meng and the Wu army, witnessed the treachery. Liu Bei answered politely about his ambition to win the land is not for his forces, but it is for the future of Han people. Liu Bei took the Great Wei Sword from Zhao Yun and gave Lu Meng to decide his life, that Liu Bei's word is spoken with his true heart. Sun Shang Xiang was behind of the room, she blows the flute with the music that she plays as the sign that she agrees for the wedding. Zhao Yun negate Lu Meng's attack, and return the sword back to his arm.
  • Since after Liu Bei's wedding party is over, Sun Shang Xiang in the room await for his arrival. The 8 lady warriors guarded aside, awaits for Liu Bei's last trial is to oppose Sun Shang Xiang in the duel. Liu Bei wields the blade and against her for a short fight, Liu Bei has lost, but he's not willing to cease her, therefore to wins her heart.

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