Related SceneEdit

  • In 10 years, Liu Bei was resting in Wu's palace. Zhou Yu was plan a trick to Liu Bei to accept the gift and gold as an exchange for the land, Liu Bei do not accept the gold, but he accept the gift. Liu Bei recently feels to be greed over entertainment than gold, Zhao Yun felt strange to Liu Bei's over reacting. Liu Bei was drunk and resting for the whole day and he had no choice but to awake Liu Bei from getting drunk. Liu Bei was unconscious and command Zhao Yun to return Qingzhou.
  • Since Guan Yu and Zhang Fei heard the return of Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang gave a small punishment to Zhao Yun was against the military order. Later, Zhuge Liang told Zhao Yun to return and watch over Liu Bei's safety and gave him a letter about the update.
  • After Liu Bei was in conscious, Zhao Yun return to his side and gave him the letters that replies from Zhuge Liang. The letter was wrote about the food supply is able to withstand for 2 years and with the total of 50,000 Troops remains. Liu Bei is reminded to return Qingzhou immediately, with the fake excuses to inform the Wu that said Cao Cao's forces incoming.
  • Liu Bei, inform his wife Sun Shang Xiang in decide to stay or take along together, later Sun Shang Xiang decides to follow and tells Lady Wu to plans for their safe journey.
  • Lady Wu held an arrangement in wine and food treats to Sun Quan, Lu Meng and all Prime Ministers. Lady Wu was planned to let Sun Quan and Lu Meng getting drunk for not commence any treachery to Liu Bei and Sun Shang Xiang.
  • In Liu Bei's journey, he send out a decoy to let the Wu massengers to be followed and rumored, while they escape from the other side of gate to the river.

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