Related SceneEdit

  • Lu Su appears and held meeting with Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei was grant the title as the Wu's family, and Lu Su tells Liu Bei that Sun Quan commence Liu Bei to let Zhou Yu and his forces to stayed in the camp, Liu Bei denied but he will provide a food suply to Zhou Yu and his army. Liu Bei gave his last promise again that he'll return his base to Zhou Yu another 5 years. Lu Su was affraid that Sun Quan will not tolerate his request, but he will inform to both Zhou Yu and Sun Quan.
  • Sun Quan later heard the news from Lu Su and he grows frustration, Sun Quan inform to Zhou Yu if he plans to attack Liu Bei's stronghold, Zhou Yu may confirm anytime.
  • The Wu's attack is failure. However, Zhou Yu's pain is almost sudden death. Zhuge Liang send his message to Zhou Yu and said, "Please do not harm us, we will provide foods for your forces. But we are not intend to offense the Wu. If one of us is defeat, that will gave an advantage to the Wei for easily against us. We are swore in reunite Liu and Sun to against the Wei in the future to bring peace for the Han. From: Zhuge Liang". After read the letters Lu Meng requesting for the full force attack, Zhou Yu gave up to tells Lu Meng and Lu Su not to treat the Shu as an enemy and stop fight against each other. The Wu forces return to Jiang Dong as it ordered by Zhou Yu.
  • Sun Quan and Lu Meng held in Zhou Yu's room. Zhou Yu was in critical and dying. Zhou Yu made his last decision to Sun Quan in leave his rank to Lu Su. Later on, before Zhou Yu dies, he sees in his eyes and said: "If there is Guan, then why it is Liang...".

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