Cao Cao, as he appears in Episode 6

The Calvary marching under Cao Cao and Cao Ren, both of them hence forward according to their strategy, Cao Cao's plan is to merge on Dong Zhuo's transport forces.

Meanwhile, Dong Zhuo , Wang Yun, Diao Chan and the other Prime Minister is in the carriage saperately along with the young emperor, Lu Bu with his Red Hare. Dong Zhuo plans to keep the emperor alive for his permanent rank as Emperor's guardian. Suddenly, Cao Cao's forces attack on Dong Zhuo's army. There are many suffered the casualties, Diao Chan is in danger, call for her Godfather(Wang Yun) for help, but Lu Bu appears and said that he'll protect her. Lu Bu manage to save her life and slain the army later.

In the night inside the emperor's lair, Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Huang Gai manage to step in the emperor's throne. The lair seems to be quiet, and no sign of people. As the result, they finally discovered the emperor's conquerer stone, but sadly it was only a half remains. After their search is over, they leave.

Meanwhile, Yuan Shao and his comrades having dinner inside the appartment, Cao Cao and Liu Bei appears. Cao Cao was in anger, infront of Yuan Shao, he tells that the battle couldn't even win without Yuan Shao's support, all his army, Calvary, and Wu's Calvary was sacreficed in the battle. He can't even bare to reunite with Yuan Forces anymore since Yuan Shao did not gave any support backup in the battle. Cao Cao and Liu Bei leave Yuan's military.

Hours later, Sun Jian arrived. Sun Jian warned to Yuan Shao that Wu Forces will not alliance with Yuan Forces forevermore. Sun Jian and his army leaving Yuan's camp after the conversation. Later, Yuan Shao send his massenger to Liu Bao and gave him an assign to takedown the Wu Forces.

It was morning, the Wu forces march toward. Suddenly, Liu Bao and his army appears infront. Liu Bao having a conversation to Sun Jian and said that they are not intend for a war. Therefore Liu Bao bring out the letter that was send by Yuan Shao to Sun Jian. Sun Jian reads, and understands their situations. Liu Bao however, tells Sun Jian for not to worry, Liu Bao tear the letter appart and let the Wu forces march toward their way.

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