Related SceneEdit

  • Sima Yi came toward Cao Cao and request to take Cao Pi as his student, but Cao Cao strongly demand him to take Cao Shi. Sima Yi, wouldn't wish to take Cao Shi, but he knew that he'll be executed if he disobey the orders. Cao Cao do not wish to kill him, but to release him.
  • Since Cao Pi heard Sima Yi was running away from Cao Cao's resident, Cao Pi was begging for his help. But Sima Yi tells him not to worry, Sima Yi might help Cao Pi to solve his future problem with fishing activities.
  • Cao Cao received a small gift that was send by Ma Teng. Cao Cao discuss with Xun You and both believes that Ma Teng's army could be used in alliance for the next campaign. And so Cao Cao offer him gold, food supply, silk, and appointed him the titles as General Qian.
  • In Ma Teng's military camp, Ma Teng discuss with his comrade, Han Sui and sons, Ma Chao, Ma Dai, about the future and his title that was recently appointed by Cao Cao. Ma Teng knew that Cao Cao would use his army to defeat the Shu, therefore Ma Teng send out his fellow officers to negotiate Wei's gate keeper in plan to deceive Cao Cao.
  • In the next season, Ma Teng send out a message to Cao Cao that his forces needs to stay and build a camp nearby Cao Cao's stronghold. Ma Teng inform to Cao Cao and said that he's camp was ambushed by Han Sui forces. After the dinner, Cao Cao decide to help Ma Teng and supply him a food, wine, and army to encounter Han Sui forces. Ma Teng and his son, Ma Chao, believes that their plan might work easily.

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