Related SceneEdit

  • In the few days after the death of Ma Teng, Ma Chao and decides to lead the next campaign and swore to revenge for his family. Cao Cao predicted that the Xiliang army is no match to the Wei, but Ma Chao's forces encountered Cao Cao with the great casualties. Cao Cao's army has lost, with the hasitate of Cao Cao, he escape with his Shadow Runner horses that was chased by Ma Chao and the forces.
  • In Cao Cao's escape, Xu Zhu guarded the road and confront Ma Chao's attack that was aim toward Cao Cao.
  • At the middle of the battle, Xu Zhu accept a fair duel that was announced by Ma Chao. The battle scene is longer until both warriors decides to change horses and continue their match, Xu Zhu lend Shadow Runner from Cao Cao while Ma Chao lend horses from Han Sui.
  • After the campaign is draw, Cao Cao plans to set a trick on Han Sui for making Ma Chao believes his forces plans to oppose him.

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