Related SceneEdit

  • Liu Bei welcome Liu Zhang for a drink and food. Pang Tong and Wei Yan, both accompanied Liu Bei for a feast, while Liu Zhang brought along Meng Da and the officers.
  • Meanwhile in Wu, they were plan to ambush the shu since after Liu Bei leave the main base. They knew, that Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun was in the base, along Sun Shang Xiang and her adopted son A Dou. Lu Meng plan to occupy the base if Sun Shang Xiang wasn't there, therefore, Sun Quan plans to deliver important message to the messenger and send it to Sun Shang Xiang.
  • Lu Su's health isn't well in present days, he inform Sun Quan that he will recommended his title to Lu Meng as the successor of Wu in the future.
  • In Shu's base, Sun Shang Xiang heard that his mother, Lady Wu, will not survived until the winter. Since Liu Bei was absent, Sun Shang Xiang took his adopted son A Dou, and leave the base secretly. She was guarded less than 100 soldiers for her safe journey to Jiang Dong. Zhuge Liang discovered the message that was left behind by Sun Shang Xiang, he later report Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei to haste and return A Dou from Sun Shang Xiang.
  • Later in Xuchang, the messengers arrived and report to Liu Bei that his wife, Sun Shang Xiang, was running away. Liu Bei felt lost of his feeling for his wife, Pang Tong serves him a drink until Liu Bei felt drunk and burried his sad feelings.

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