Related SceneEdit

  • Liu Bei decides to test Liu Zhang with Pang Tong's plan. Liu Bei send a message in request to lend 100,000 soldiers. But since Liu Zhang heard the request, he reduce the request into 20,000 soldiers.
  • Zhang Song was found executed by Liu Bei, Pang Tong believes that Liu Zhang might assassinate Liu Bei after their alliance is over. Pang Tong gave an order to Liu Bei in immediately escape from Xuchang, Liu Bei accepts.
  • Since Pang Tong predicted that might be an ambushed, Pang Tong lend Hex Mark from Liu Bei to pass the road of hill, Pang Tong died in Zhang Ren's assassination with the shots of 40 arrows aim through Pang Tong. Hex Mark is also fallen from hands of Pang Tong.
  • The death of Pang Tong was reported by Wei Yan to Liu Bei, Liu Bei swore himself to revenge on the death of Pang Tong and raise the morale to the army.
  • Liu Zhang heard that Liu Bei confirmed to attack Xuchang, Liu Zhang made his request to Zhang Lu in temporary alliance and offer 10 lands to Zhang Lu, but he demand in 20 lands.
  • Liu Bei send his message to Zhuge Liang and requires his assistant, Zhuge Liang later leaves the responsible of the main base to Guan Yu.
  • Zhang Fei accepts Ma Chao's duel, but Liu Bei advised him to battle in the noon. Since Zhang Fei lose his patient in fight, he immediately take his challenge without a notice to Liu Bei. The challenge is tied and longer, both Ma Chao and Zhang Fei is equal with the same strength. Liu Bei hold the drums of battle morale and sounds the bell. He commence Zhang Fei to return the stronghold and continue the challenge at night.

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