Related SceneEdit

  • In the night, both Ma Chao and Zhang Fei fight bravery. None of them was defeated and the battle is draw.
  • In the next day, Zhang Lu send the messenger to report an important message to Ma Chao, they are urgent needed to retrieve their forces. Ma Chao didn't plan to return, but he accept the orders for an assistance. Meanwhile, Zhang Lu felt suspicious about Ma Chao that might be plan to against Zhang Lu. Zhang Lu order the army not to let them enter the territory.
  • After the Ma Dai manage in escape, Zhuge Liang met Ma Chao to held discussions. Ma Chao was impressed by Zhuge Liang's explanation about the relationship the Liu Bei's swore enemy was Cao Cao. Since Zhuge Liang succeed in convince Ma Chao for an alliance, both forces are equals to against the Wei forces.
  • Liu Bei was alone in the room to held Pang Tong's funeral. Zhuge Liang enters, and pay visit in the funeral.
  • Meanwhile in Wu, Sun Quan suggest to Lu Su in plans to occupied Shu's mainbase, Lu Su said that not to take the base with the army, but to wait for the expire date that promise has been made by Liu Bei's word.
  • Since Liu Zhang lost all the officers and strategist that he employed, he give up his title. He invite Liu Bei in the territory to gave the land and Castle to Liu Bei.
  • Wang Lei appears in the castle, he didn't intend to serve Liu Bei and rather die in executions. Liu Bei didn't intend to do so, he gave the last will(letter) to Wang Lei that was wrote by Pang Tong before he dies, Pang Tong wishes to gave his life to Liu Bei and accept Liu Zhang's talented strategist to replace his will. Since Wang Lei felt guilty for his past of the sins, he now in fully serve to work under Liu Bei's command.

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