Related SceneEdit

  • Zhuge Jin informed to Zhuge Liang that the Wu captured Zhuge Jin's family and hold as hostages. Sun Quan ransom the Shu to return the 3 lands in the hands of Wu. Zhuge Liang and his brother, Zhuge Jin, is begging infront of Liu Bei to return the 3 lands to the Wu. Liu Bei agrees and send a millitary report to Guan Yu.
  • Guan Yu made his promise to Lu Su and he'll return Jingzhou to the Wu when they're ready.
  • Lu Meng later accept the last words from Lu Su and swore to fullfill the will to control the Wu forces, Lu Su took his last move to wrote the Letter to Sun Quan. In sudden, Lu Su died in illness without any single written.
  • Many years has passed in the kingdom of Wei, the group of Prime Minister suggest the Emperor Xian to gave up his crown and handed over Cao Cao as the emperor of Wei. Suddenly, Xun You step forward and refuse the suggestions to crowned Cao Cao as the emperor, therefore it is too late. Emperor Xian's decision already decide to promote Cao Cao as the Wei emperor.
  • Cao Shi in the carriage enter Baima Gate without permission, Xun You not allowed him to enter without any letter approval from the emperor.

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