Related SceneEdit

  • Dong Zhuo and Diao Chan wedding ceremony that held on Dong Zhuo's appartment.
  • While Dong Zhuo was awake, Dong Zhuo saw Lu Bu and Diao Chan in his room. Dong Zhuo order Lu Bu to stay guard outside of the castle.
  • Li Ru advised Dong Zhuo to leave Diao Chan to return her to Lu Bu, therefore Lu Bu was powerful and Dong Zhuo was affraid of losing him as how Lu Bu kill his foster father Ding Yuan for the Red Hare Horses, might end up Dong Zhuo for Diao Chan.
  • Dong Zhuo tells Diao Chan to fall in love with Lu Bu, Diao Chan denied, she pretend for not leaving Dong Zhuo.
  • In the next morning Dong Zhuo, since Dong Zhuo hardly to gave Diao Chan return to the side of Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo offer Lu Bu that he grant him his property and forces claim under Lu Bu right after Dong Zhuo's death.
  • As Dong Zhuo held meeting with the prime minister, Dong Zhuo hears the suggestions. Lu Bu have no intend of hearing, Lu Bu sneak out to meet Diao Chan. Later, Dong Zhuo went out and search Lu Bu, the officers tells Dong Zhuo that Lu Bu went to meet Diao Chan. Dong Zhuo was anger, saw Lu Bu holds Diao Chan in the garden. Dong Zhuo grows frustration and chase Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo was tired of chasing and he meet Wang Yun and to advised him and order Diao Chan to return Lu Bu's side, but Diao Chan denied and she tries to commit suicide. Dong Zhuo had no choice but to stop Diao Chan's foolish act.
  • After meeting with Dong Zhuo, Wang Yun return to home and a guest appears. The butler tells Wang Yun that It's an old friend waitting for him, Chen Gong.
  • During the conversation between Wang Yun and Chen Gong, Lu Bu appears. Lu Bu desperate need the help of Wang Yun for he had no ideas of facing Dong Zhuo. Chen Gong and Wang Yun share their plans to Lu Bu in order to bring peace for the Han and eliminate Dong Zhuo in their plan.

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