The next developement games under EP, it would probably under plan and progress with cinematic soundtrack. Stages based from the 2010 series.


  1. Cao Cao's Escape
  2. Guan Yu's First Blood
  3. Huang Gai's Defend.
  4. Lu Bu vs The 3 Brothers
  5. Attack the Carriage
  6. Emperor Xian's Lair
  7. Sun Jian's Tragedy
  8. Protect the Sun Family
  9. Protect Sun Quan
  10. Lu Bu, the Traitor
  11. Shu to the Rescue
  12. Lu Bu Night Suprise
  13. Lu Bu Night Suprise 2
  14. Triple Thread War
  15. Sun Ce's Loyalty
  16. Emperor Yuan Shu
  17. Continue...

The game is currently plan in novels, anyway you can try Download for a sneak preview.

History UpdateEdit

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