Name: Ryouhin Iwazama

Clan: Ninja retainer of the Yukihara Clan

Skill: Hanzo Hattori

Voice: Brave

Partners: Oboro Yukihara, Musubi Yukihara, Haname Makiyuro, Akima Makiyuro, Garuku Akodo, Hotaka Iwazama, Shougen Iwazama

A koga ninja who serves the Yukihara clan, Ryouhin Iwazama serves as a bodyguard for Oboro Yukihara's younger sister Musubi Yukihara. He and Musubi became best friends since childhood after he saved her from a vicious thief who was trying to rape her, since then after the incident, Ryouhin swore to protect Musubi in order to keep her safe from harm no matter what.

In the year 1582 during the Honnoji incident, Ryouhin joined the Yukihara sisters' ragtag rogue army along with the ninja boy Haname Makiyuro and he played a major part in the battle of Iyo Province as he held off the Kono clan troops with a half moon formation and he helped Hamane launch a fire attack which set the Yuzuki castle ablaze, leading the Kono clan to suffer a major defeat.

4 months later has passed since Oboro rebuilted and renamed Yuzuki castle to Yukihara castle and formed her clan. Ryouhin and Haname persuaded their loved ones and relatives to join the Yukihara clan, the Chosokabe clan caught wind of Oboro Yukihara's rise to power and attacked them at Sanuki Province. The Chosokabe clan used formidable naval tactics against them, but the Yukihara army managed to push them back with a crane formation and launched a fire attack on their ships which led the Chosokabe army's morale to plummet greatly. Motochika tries to shoot Oboro Yukihara as a last resort, however Ryouhin eventually sacrifices himself by shielding Oboro while multiple bullets hits him in the chest, causing him to stagger and fall to the ground. With his dying breath, Ryouhin tells Haname to watch over Musubi and Oboro and he passes away shortly after.

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