Battle of Sekigahara
Date October 21, 1600
Location Sekigahara, present-day Gifu Prefecture
Result indecisive Uzumaki Army withdrawn from Sekigahara.
Uzumaki Army Oda Army
Motochika Chosokabe Hideyoshi Toyotomi

The Battle of Sekigahara (関ケ原の戦い, Sekigahara no Tatakai) is largely considered to be one of the most decisive battles in the Late Sengoku and Sanichizoku Period. it was Battle between the Uzumaki and the Oda the Commander of the Uzumaki Army was Motochika Chosokabe and the Commander of the Oda Army was Hideyoshi Toyotomi this battle was the Last of Motochika's Military Expedition against the Oda, as a result, his death by illness during the Battle resulting the Uzumaki Army to retreat after the Battle Motochika was succeeded by Masayuki Sanada and the latter did not continue any Military Expedition since and only Maintaining defense on the Uzumaki Boarder until 1613 where Masayuki's Sucessor Kanetsugu Naoe contiune Motochika aggressive forgien policy against the Oda and launch 13 Military Expedition against the Oda which greatly detroited the Uzumaki military strength

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