Song Hao
Character information
Force(s): Han
Weapon Type: Monk's Staff
Unique Weapon:
Mystical Scholar
Significant Battle(s):
Yellow Turban Rebellion Removal of the Ten Eunuchs
First appearance: Warriors Orochi 3

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

Historical information
Warriors Orochi Info
Unaffiliated (Stays out of the war against Orochi)
Battle of Nagashino
Character Type:
Personal Item:
Scrolls of the Elements

Song Hao is a character that first appeared on Warriors Orochi 3. He is a elderly monkey mystic that taught Cao Xiang and his friends the fighting style involving weapons combat and the use of elemental powers called Genso Geijutsu No Michi. Song Hao often stays out of the conflicts between the mystics and the humans and does his best to aid his students in their battle against Orochi.

Role in GamesEdit

Song Hao is an elderly monkey spirit from the mystic army that is a master of weapons and elemental magic. The knowledge of his skills led him to create the fighting style named Genso Geijutsu No Michi and he spent a millenium trying put his fighting style to complete perfection. But in order to do that, Song Hao went to earth and taught five human students (Jin Xiang, Li Kang, Cao Lu Tai, Ren Sui, and Lin Ami) and a half human half monkey hybrid (Cao Xiang, Cao Lu Tai's half brother) the knowledge of Genso Geijutsu No Michi. After 8 years of training, Cao Xiang and his friends finally succeeded their master after defeating him in a lengthy sparring match.

Song Hao aids the three of his former students in their fight against Orochi and his forces in Warriors Orochi 3.

Character InformationEdit

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