-Abyss vs Orochi
-Xianghua vs Zhou Yu
-Kilik vs Zhao Yun
-Mitsurugi vs Mitsuhide Akechi
-Sophitia vs Nu Wa
-Tira vs Sun Shan Xiang
-Cervantes vs Musashi Miyamoto
-Cassandra vs Xing Fei
-Yun Seong vs Gan Ning
-Sazalamel vs Guan Yu
-Rock vs Zhang Fei
-Talim vs Sun Ce
-Tira vs Kiyomori
-Taki vs Kunoichi
-Hwang vs Xiahou Dun
-Seong Mina vs Ina
-Astaroth vs Lu Bu
-Nightmare vs Nobunaga
-Siegfried vs Fu Xi
-Setsuka vs Diao Chan
-Ivy vs Zhen Ji

Dramatic DialogEdit

250px-Abyss.gif VS 200px-Orochi.jpg

-Abyss vs OrochiEdit

Abyss: Ah.... the Serpent King has come to join the world of Chaos.

Orochi: You are no match for me Abyss, leave here at once.

Abyss: That depends on how you going to face me.

Orochi. Hahaha... Interesting... I want to see how strong your Scythe is...

124px-Xianghua0.jpg VS 92px-Zhouyu-dw3concept.jpg

-Xianghua vs Zhou YuEdit

Xianghua: Are you going to stop me? no way!

Zhou Yu: Take it easy girl, I will take lightly on you.

Xianghua: How dare you! I am stronger than anyone else, come!

Zhou You: Let's see if there is a different between is... prepare...

185px-Kilik-sc2fix.jpg VS 150px-Zhaoyun_cg.jpg

-Kilik vs Zhao YunEdit

Kilik: I've heard very much about you, Zhao Yun. Your fight impress me.

Zhao Yun: If you wish to fight, I assume that you might be my match.

Kilik: Master Zhao Yun, show me your strength and honor!

Zhao Yun: Kilik, don't you ever let me down. Come!

88px-Sc2-mitsurugi3.jpg VS 150px-Mitsuhide-sw3.jpg

-Mitsurugi vs Mitsuhide AkechiEdit

Mitsurugi: Mitsuhide, why did you join Nobunaga?

Mitsuhide: I've no intend to fill his shoe forever, but I will serve only for Akechi clan.

Mitsurugi: Your sounds like giving me an excuses. But you won't go futher now.

Mitsuhide: If you want to go against me, then I shall stop you. Draw!

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