Sun Ce is rowdy youth who is popular with his countrymen. He joins his father's campaigns and is made his family's new leader after Sun Jian's death. Aiming to take the land for himself, he starts by conquering the territory and regional lords within Wu. Quickly gaining followers for his cause, he duels Taishi Ci during this time and, respecting his opponent's strength, soon becomes best friends with him. In short time, he restores the Sun family name to power. A couple scenarios states that he then meets a sorcerer named Yu Ji, whom Sun Ce generally despises. Except in certain Musou Modes, he dies sometime after gaining Wu or after Yu Ji's death.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Sun Ce 3
Sun Ce, the son of Sun Jian. Sun Ce lead the commands of the Wu forces after the death of his father, Sun Jian. Sun Ce also the close friend of Zhou Yu, and both lead the Wu forces until Sun Quan was grown. While Sun Ce take his hunting activities, he was ambushed by the betrayal of Three Archer. Sun Ce losing his blood and defeat the betrayal with his own sword. Before the death of Sun Ce, he leaves a last words to his brother, Sun Quan, and Sun Ce's wife, Da Qiao.

First appearance: Episode 6

Ending: Episode 34

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