The Three Kingdoms era refers to a historical period in China that lasted from 220~280 AD. It ended the Han Dynasty and separated the land into civil conflict. Out of the warring regional lords, three of them eventually gained enough power to claim themselves as the emperors of the land.

Other NotesEdit

The Three HeroesEdit

The The Three Heroes (三英傑) is a term used to describe the three ruler of the The Three Kingdoms they are refer as such by Zhao Liang and they are great heroes who have lofty ambition to unified the land and possess good leadership and governing

they eventually laid the foundation of their empire respectfully

The Six Great BattleEdit

Within this time period, there were 6 large conflicts that are considered to have defined the manner of warfare in the entire era and gave significant fame or major influence among each kingdoms.

The Three Great StrategistEdit

The The Three Great Strategist (三英傑) is a term used to describe the three men who serve under each of the Three Kingdoms and was very loyal to their State and also were recognized as the most accomplished strategist of their era they are