Jiang Ling

Jiang Ling

  • Name: "Chen" Jiang Ling
  • Nationality: China
  • Rank: None
  • Born: A.D.166
  • Appears: DW5(Empire)
  • Voice: Calm
  • Motion: Yue Ying
  • Weapon: Bronze Scythe
  • Status: Married
  • Family: Yuen Ho(Lover)
  • Empire: Wei

Jiang Ling was a young and adorable person. She beside with her husband for over 2 years and gave birth after the death of his husband. Years after, an Officers Ren Huo from Wei's forces saved her life from the midnight assasins. She was saved however along with her Child, Ren Huo would bared to save their life. 2 years after, since she learn that he has feeling for her, she married Ren Huo.

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