This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Xu Xiu

Dynasty Warriors 5: EmpiresEdit

  • "I shall be forever loyal to you."
  • "I shall bring forth victory in the honour of our family's name!"
  • "Come. Meet your faith."
  • "Some day, I shall become victorious! But alas, this will have to wait for another day."
  • "Father... I'm sorry, if I had not completed your quest... for true might..."

Dynasty Warriors 6Edit

Dynasty Warriors 7Edit

  • "With my bow, I shall take what is necessary to assist on the battlefield."
  • "I had come to assist you friend. Let us win this battle together!"
  • "Ahh... once again, we get to fight side by side as Father and Daughter."
  • "Master Sima Yi, I am honored to serve you. Let us purge the world of these so called, "imbeciles"."
  • "Lady Cai Yan- err, I mean Wenji, it is a great honour to see you here on the battlefield with me."
  • "Master Li Dian, it appears that we are once again fighting alongside eachother in battle once more."
  • "Two of the best archers teaming up... This is something that I am honoured by."
  • "Here, take this as a token of my graditude."
  • "You were amazing in that battle! I wish you to teach me how to do that!"
  • "Excuse me, but if you mind, I could use a bit of help over here."
  • "Thank you very much, kind soul."
  • "For the future of my lord, I shall not let you past this point!"
  • "Strategy shall always surpass your strength."
  • "Prepare yourself."
  • "You are the last person I wish to test my skills with my bow and arrows... Please forgive me if I hurt you."
  • "Father, I shall prove to you that I am more stronger!"
  • "Master Sima Yi, has your overconfidence brainwashed you?"
  • "You are a sweet woman... and the second to last person I am willing to face."
  • "Come Master Li Dian, and prove to me that you are an intelligent warrior!"
  • "Brother Gan, let us test our skills in battle!"
  • "Show me what you are made of, Lord Xiahou Yuan! We'll see whos the better Archer here and now!"
  • "Perhaps I am not ready to face you yet, Father, but I will soon!"
  • "Excellent work, my lord. You are indeed more than just a strategist."
  • "Lady Cai, I take these requiems as a complement of your greatness in battle."
  • "Indeed, I have much to work on before facing you, Master Li Dian. I see why you are one of the Five Generals of Wei."
  • "You are indeed mighty like our father, Brother Gan."
  • "Amazing work with those arrows, Lord Xiahou Yuan."
  • "Ahh, you're the person everyone has been talking about. A pleasure to make your aquaintence, I am Xu Xiu, daughter of Xu Huang."
  • "I wish to ask you something. Do you prefer me to use a Bow and an Arrow, or an Ji?"
  • "I see. So, I should become a mastered marksman eh? (response 1)"
  • "Hmm... so my strength would be useful with a Ji Halberd instead? You're not the first to say that... (response 2)"
  • "You and I make a great team, and I am hope that we will continue to make a difference in this world."

Dynasty Warriros 7: Xtreme LegendsEdit

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