Yuen Ho

Yuen Ho


(Left to Right)Yuen Ho and Cao Pi

  • Name: "Wong" Yuen Ho
  • Nationality: China
  • Rank: Officer
  • Born: A.D.164
  • Appears: DW5(Empire)
  • Voice: Calm
  • Motion: Cao Cao
  • Weapon: Silver Sword
  • Status: Married
  • Family: Jiang Ling(Lover)
  • Empire: Wei

was a former officer "Wei" based from Romance of Three Kingdoms. He's was the trusted friend of General Cao Pi(Sons of Prime Minister Cao Cao) since in schollar. Yuen Ho serve his battle under with his Oath on Cao Pi, that he gain his rank as an Officer, granted under Lord Cao Cao in the request.

Cao Pi, shares his technique in the battle and passed his 2nd hand swords to Yuen Ho, once Cao Pi gain any new weapons.

Yuen Ho, dies in bravery. Protected Cao Pi that was targeting by an arrow that aim behind. Cao Pi swore to his friend Yuen Ho, that he will return in all collected rewards claim toward Yuen Ho's bloodline family.

Conversation between Xiahou DunEdit

Yuen Ho: General!

Xiahou Dun: Forget about my eyes! Just slay them, for those who oppose my Cousin. Soon, the Kingdoms of Wei will be victorious!

Conversation between Cao PiEdit

Yuen Ho: The army is ready in your command.

Cao Pi: Excellent. Now, we shall wipeout every single enemy in Xia Pi.

Conversation between Jiang LingEdit

Jiang Ling: Yuen, if you are not by my side.. what should I do?

Yuen Ho: My dear, lived... raised our child and someday, they will be by your side. I promise you that I will return to you after the war is over.