Zhu Jun
Character information
Force(s): Han
Weapon Type: Warhammer
4th. Weapon (Lvl.10):
Mighty Truth
Lvl. 11 Weapon:
Han's Power
Significant Battle(s):
First appearance: Dynasty Warriors 2
Historical information
Real name:
Zhū Jùn
Chinese name:
朱儁 - 朱俊
Style name:
Chinese name:
Had the former generic Commander Model.

Zhu Jun is an officer of the late Han who recommended Sun Jian to the imperial court. Respected and admired for his time, he is known as a veteran who truly believed in the Han Dynasty.

Role in GamesEdit

Like the other Han generals, Zhu Jun is consistently known in the Dynasty Warriors series to mainly take part in the Yellow Turbans Rebellion. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion chapters in the fourth title, he leads the Han Forces in the fortress battle. He appears as opposition for the Yellow Turbans in the last chapter of their story.

He is also a playable character in Dynasty Warriors 3 Fanon and selectable in the Han forces. Throughout the game, Zhu Jun appears to still be loyal to the Han throne. He is the last and only general not to betray He Jin, thus, he stays on his side all the way through. There are some levels were he deals with Bandits and a unique level where he and Lu Bu face off.