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Character Info


Date, Tokugawa


Sword and Chain

Level 4 Weapon

Dragon's Tongue

Significant Battles:

Conflict of Oshu Province

Battle of Odawara

Battle of Fushimi Castle

Siege of Hasedo

Osaka Winter Campaign

Osaka Summer Campaign

Masamune's rather shy wife. Though she may not talk much to anyone else, she is supportive of her husband, and loyal to the rest of the Date clan.


C1: Throws the chain underhanded infront of her.

C2: Flips forward swinging the chain upward, launching anyone infront of it into the air

C3: Waves the chain from side to side rapidly making a 160 Degree angle. this will stun anyone hit by it

C4: A 360 degree spin with a slam at the end

C5: A High damaging kick that hits infront of her

C6: Rapidly twirls the chain and sword above her head, decimating anything near her

C7: As C1, only the first enemy the attack connects with, Mego will tackle, and then do a short jump and slam back down onto the enemy. Unblockable.

C8: A 1080 Degree spin that slides forward.

C9: Mego swings the chain and blade out as far as it will go, twirls around (taking out anything behind her) and accelerates at the end for a powerful swing. A Large projectile will follow.

R: Spins the Chain in a circle.

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