Yeung Nuo
Character Information
Force(s): Wu
168 cm (5'6")
Weapon Type: Mace
4th Weapon:
Regal Mace
5th Weapon:
Savior Beauty
Unique Weapon:
Chain Whip
Playable Debut: Dynasty Warriors ?
Historical Information
Real name:
Yáng nuò
Chinese name:
Nuo means gracious, as for her character she is that.
Warriors Orochi Info
Character Type:
Personal Item:
Moon tiara

Yeung Nuo is the only daughter to Yeung Nashi who is famous for her beauty and grace in battle. She is the younger sister to Yeung Yu but the elder sister of Yeung Yao. She is over protected by her loving brothers, making sure nothing harms her, even though she shown countless acts of bravery and even saving them.

Her Dynasty Warriors role is to, in fact, show that she is capable of protecting herself and redeeming her bravery.

Role Edit

Dynasty Warriors Edit

Yeung Nuo is the only daughter to Yeung Nashi and the only one to master the art of her family. Initially to trained with her brothers in martial arts, Yeung Nuo didn't show much passion and was sent to watch her brothers instead. Her father eventually called upon her and let her in a secret, a secret technique that not even her brothers know. Following right behind her brothers in battle, Yeung Nuo demonstrated the technique of the Yeung family which made her brother even more willed to defeat the enemy.

She later meets up with Ruan Ai and Daping.

Characters Information Edit

Development Edit

The creator focused on her beauty and mannerisms with a regal prevision. She has long, beautiful hair to counteract her father's. She wears loose silhouettes that show off her body, which she keeps maintained.

Personality Edit

Yeung Nuo is a strong-willed, mature and kind warrior who looks to become even stronger than all the males in her family. She will act on impact in battle if she has to proftect what is right and become the force like her father. She sees herself being the second successor of her father. Fond of her husband, Ruan Ai, Yeung Nuo sees that she protects him when in the other way around, he protects her.

Quotes Edit

  • "Brother, we have to go on, for the sake of our father! You can't give up, not now!"
  • " Remember Ruan Ai, you chose me."
  • "We will see who's beauty rivets."

Gameplay Edit

Yeung Nuo is a very fast character and uses her maces to her advantage. Her mace can increase in size.

Musou - Grace Beauty (格雷斯美容)

Alternate Musou - Grave Beauty (严重美容)

Weapons Edit

Yeung Nuo uses a mace in battle and sometimes chained whip.

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