Yang Yu
Character Information
Force(s): Wu
176 cm (5'9")
Weapon Type: Voulge
4th Weapon:
Hellish Voulge
5th Weapon:
Combat Slicer
Unique Weapon:
Twilight Flash
Playable Debut: Dynasty Warriors ?
Historical Information
Real name:
Yáng yǔ
Chinese name:
Warriors Orochi Info
Character Type:
Personal Item:
Sun Gauntlet

Yeung Yu is the eldest son to Yang Nashi, who is famous for his bravery in battle and encouraging speeches. He is the older brother Yang Yao and Yang Nuo. His bravery goes over his family and is praised each time he enters battle.

Role Edit

Dynasty Warriors Edit

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Characters Information Edit

Development Edit

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Personality Edit

Stern and brave, Yeung is the picture of the eldest and as the most responsible.

Quotes Edit

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Gameplay Edit

Musou - To be added

Alternate Musou - To be added

Weapons Edit

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