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Historical Information
Location: Southern Yi, capital at Jiaozhi
Start: 225
End: 277
Major General(s): Dan Tai Sin
Zhu Jing
Li Jiaying
E Yuan
Major Battle(s) Mianzhu
Jing Province
Wan Castle

Yun (云), sometimes referred to as Yun Shu (云蜀), is a fictional kingdom appearing in the Dynasty Warriors: Empires spin offs. It first appeared in Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires and every subsequent iteration. The kingdom is symbolized by the colour white, or silver-blue, as a reference to Bailong River. Its name comes from its location in Yunnan.

The kingdom of Yun was created by Han Shang, though its foundations had long been laid by his father Han Feng and the strategic planning of Jian Tao. The title of King of Jiaozhi was given to Han Feng after pacification of the region in 219 AD. The title passed to his sons following his death and with the rise of Shu and Wu to oppose Cao Pi's Wei dynasty, Han Shang created the Yun dynasty in 225 AD. The dynasty was continually at war with those surrounding it until its eventual surrender to the Sima clan in 277 AD.


  • Han Feng (Posthumously)
  • Han Ren Jun (Posthumously)
  • Han Shang (225 ~ 258)
  • Han Qiang (258 ~ 268) - Han Shang's first son.
  • Han E (268 ~ 277) - Han Shang's third son.

Other FiguresEdit

  • Han Xuanzhi - Han Feng's father, a Han Imperial officer.
  • Han Zhang - Han Feng and Han Fang's younger brother, fought against the Yun kingdom as an officer of Wei.
  • Han Fang - Han Feng's younger sister, an appointed protector of Emperor Xian.


  • Caiqi - Han Xuanzhi's wife and the mother of Han Feng and his siblings.
  • Liu Xuxiu - Han Feng's wife, the daughter of Liu Bei, gave birth to his three sons and two daughters.
  • Han Qishan - Han Feng's second child.
  • Han Zang - Han Renjun, Han Shang, and Han Qishan's younger sister.


The Four BravesEdit

The Four Braves were a select few generals close to Han Feng who provided integral roles within his army. Each of them were known for their skill in battle and having mastered at least one distinct facet of it, which made each of them famous among their peers. These generals and the area of combat they excelled at were:

  • Bai Tong - Fortifications
  • Dan Tai Sin - Troop movements and formations
  • Li Jiaying - Assassination
  • Zhu Jing - The flow of information


  1. Jian Jiang
  2. Jian Tao
  3. Wong An
  4. Xirang

Yun ArmyEdit

  1. Bai Tong
  2. Dan Tai Sin
  3. Dan Xing
  4. E Yuan
  5. Gan Baosu
  6. Gan Ti
  7. Gan Xushan
  8. Gan Xutong
  9. Hu Zhao
  10. Li Jiaying
  11. Luo Cang
  12. Sun Zhong
  13. Xi'shou'an
  14. Yushi
  15. Ying Yuan
  16. Yi Zu
  17. Yu Xianming
  18. Zhenqiu
  19. Zhu Jing



  • Yuan Shao (During the battles with Gongsun Zan and Cao Cao)
  • Ma Teng (During conflicts in Liang Province)
  • Ma Chao (During the battle at Tong Gate)
  • Zhang Lu (During the war with Liu Zhang)
  • Shu (After the fall of Chengdu)


  • Wei (During and after the Invasion of Jing)
  • Wu (After the Invasion of Jing)
  • Rebels and tribes in Jiaozhi (Before subjugation of Jiaozhi)

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