Zhang Lu was an officer of Wei. He originally ruled Han Zhong but surrendered it to Cao Cao in the year 215. Zhang Lu's grandfather was Zhang Daoling, the founder of the "Way of the Five Pecks of Rice", also known as "The Celestial Masters", a Chinese Daoist movement.

At Jia Meng Gate Zhuge Liang outwits Zhang Lu by cutting off Zhang Lu's reinforcement routes and the player character convinces Ma Chao to join Shu. At the Battle of Yang Ping Gate Cao Cao's forces make their way towards Zhang Lu's fortress by seeing through his sorcery, Shu arrives as enemy reinforcements for Zhang Lu, as well as Pang De, who guards the gate to Zhang Lu's fortress. Upon victory Cao Cao seizes control of Han Zhong.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Zhang Lu
Zhang Lu first appearance in his lair, his strategist report about the long alliance from Liu Zhang's request.

First appearance: Episode 66

Ending: ?

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