Zhou Yu is Wu's main strategist and Sun Ce's sworn brother. He is married to Xiao Qiao. Akin to history, he is an intelligent man who is known for his good looks and musical talent. At the Battle of Chi Bi, he served as the commander, leading his fleet to victory over Cao Cao's larger forces.

Zhou Yu accepted Zhuge Liang's offer of alliance at the Battle of Chi Bi, although Zhuge Liang was his rival of mastering tactics. Unfortunately after that great battle, his destiny wasn't as good as Zhuge Liang's. He was foiled each time by his rival - partially through the efforts of Lu Su- and his frustration resulted in the aggravation of a battle wound, causing his sickness and death.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Zhou Yu 2
Zhou Yu's first appears where he met Sun Ce in visiting Sun Jian's cemetery. They were the best friend and swore to lead as the General of Wu. Before he leaves his last breath, his last words that was given to Sun Quan and Lu Meng: "If there is Guan, then why it is Liang..."

First appearance: Episode 15

Ending: Episode 57

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