Zhuge Jin, was a minister for the Kingdom of Wu. He was the elder brother of the famous Shu strategist, Zhuge Liang. He was greatly trusted by Sun Quan. His most important accomplishment was in smoothing relations between Wu and Shu. His son Zhuge Ke succeeded him, and became a great Wu general, but later failed as a regent, leading to the destruction of the Zhuge clan.

Zhuge Jin also had another son named Zhuge Qiao, who was adopted by his brother Zhuge Liang.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)Edit

Zhuge Jin
Zhuge Jin first appearance in his urgent meeting with his brother Zhuge Liang. He later begging Liu Bei to save his family from Sun Quan's ransom to exchange and return Jingzhou to the Wu.

First appearance: Episode 68

Ending: ?

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