This aims to list of officers in Zhuo Cai's rogue army during the Later Han era of China. Zhuo Cai founded to this army to combat her stepbrother Lu Bu after the latter betrayed and slained her father Ding Yuan, she and her younger brother Ding Pi were about to suffer the same fate until 6 unknown officers named Hou Xiang, Yang Shun, Shang Wei, Fang Tong, Shang Ai and Suo Huang came out of nowhere and rescued them both and they escape to Xiang Yang along with Zhuo Cai's friends Zu Ran, Cheng Qiao, Lu Qiong, Feng Tao, and You Sha. Soon after Yuan Shao formed the coalition and marched to Hu Lao Gate to eradicate Dong Zhuo, Zhuo Cai has finished forming an army and marched to the capital, seeing this as her chance to take out Lu Bu and avenge her father's death. However, She was eventually routed by Lu Bu at Hu Lao Gate which led her to retreat back to the city of Xiang Yang. After the fallout, Zhuo Cai eventually apologized to her officers and moved on with her life, she then reunited with her close friend Fengshi Mei and introduced her two children Yan Ming and Yan Mei to her best friend's 9 year old son Bao Ming. Their sons eventually swore an oath with each other and Zhuo Cai allowed Fengshi Mei to take over her army and govern Xiang Yang in her place afterwards. Her forces wear light grey colors in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI.



  • Yang Shun
  • Shang Wei
  • Shang Ai (Shang Wei's sister)
  • Suo Huang
  • Hou Xiang
  • You Sha
  • Ding Pi (Zhuo Cai's younger brother)
  • You Sha (Shang Wei's wife)
  • Fang Tong
  • Tong Ren
  • Baojin Xing
  • Che Jing
  • Ji Qi
  • Baojin Hua (Baojin Xing's son)
  • Bao Ming (fictional eldest son of Bao Xin and Fengshi Mei who later becomes the leader of the Baojian Rogues when he turned 18)
  • Yan Ming (Zhuo Cai's son and Yan Mei's older brother who is the sworn best friend of Bao Ming.)


  • Feng Tao (Tong Ren's wife)
  • Lu Qiong (Cheng Qiao's wife)
  • Zu Ran
  • Cheng Qiao
  • Tsung Ren
  • Pan Pi (Hong Ruomei and Pan Feng's son who becomes another sworn best friend of Bao Ming.)


  • Hong Ruomei (fictional wife of the general Pan Feng and Pan Pi's mother)
  • Fengshi Mei (fictional wife of Bao Xin and Bao Ming's mother, she later became ruler of Xiang Yang on Zhuo Cai's request.)
  • Yan Mei (Zhuo Cai's daughter and Yan Ming's younger sister, she later falls in love with Bao Ming and becomes his wife when she turned 16.)
  • Suo You (Suo Huang's daughter who eventually marries Yan Ming when he turned 18)

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